UFO sighting over Louisiana

Location: Shreveport, La
Date: 1/8/17 AND 1/24/17
Submitted by Misty

Witness report: Hi..***I began writing the folliwing last night, but finished it this morning.***.
Hi…I live in NW Louisiana and about 2-3 weeks ago, about 8.30 pm, my husband and I were out front taking some Christmas decor down. We often look at and talk about the stars, if we find ourselves outside at night, as he has always been fascinated by the Heavens. We both noticed, at the same time, 3 stars grouped in a line that we had never seen before. Then one of these “stars” began to move north, in a straight line, did a little zig zag, then got WAAAAY brighter (like thrusters ??) , then moving north, northwest, progressively got dimmer and disappeared–as if moving away very, very quickly until it was no longer visible.
We talked and joked about it being a ufo, but didnt really think about it again.
Tonite, about 20 min ago, my husband was in the backyard. He burst into the back door telling me to come quickly, “THE UFO IS BACK.” I ran out, and again, it was moving north, northwest, it looked exactly like a star, moving across the sky. Then, it suddenly got bigger and brighter then it sped away faster and disappeared. This is EXACTLY what it did the first time.
We are both very logical and level-headed people, and we certainly don’t spend a lot of time “looking” for ufos. But these two events, that we just so happened to randomly catch, is causing us both to scratch our head and wonder just wth it was!!!!! Lol
Also, we live in an area where there is a whole lot of air traffic…and every single plane has a blinking light, and never ever seems to turn thrusters on and speed away. These were NOT airplanes. 100 % certain.
Have there been any other reports of this?

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