UFO sighting over Oakley, CA

Location: oakley ca 94561
Date: thanksgiving night about 8 or 9 pm
Submitted by Benny

Witness report: leaving my sisters walking home to my house just as i left with my son of 16 years and granddaughter of 5 walking out out the door i looked up to where my house was and in the sky We saw something in the sky that stopped us in or tracks i yelled to my sister and my brotherinlaw who where still on the porch look at that they said what is it , they dont beleave that kind of stuff so it was not far away and not very high it was bright and dimond shaped very sparkley red and just sitting there if i had i bb gun i could have shot it .it was that close, with no sound I told my son what is that he didin want to talk about it and wanted to go I tried to get a picture but my hands were shaking to much it was south west if us then it backed up slow then it took off very fast up and out than gone in one second it is still fresh in my mind

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  1. There are UFO’s all over the Contra Costa Area, there is no denying that they are there. I have seen them and filmed them. Usually there is a jet shortly after a sighting. They have been around here for years, and nobody ever reports on them. Crazy to think EVERYONE is seeing something else.

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