UFO activity over New Zealand

Location: waihi looking southwest
Date: 9.11 2016
Submitted by Elizabeth

Witness report: 2 streetlight orange bigger than a big plane in the sky just under low cloud. There was darker cloud above. We noticed they were moving closer to us. They stopped.. as if they were zooming in on us. They were side by side. One smaller than the other. Intensely bright. We were amazed and I was scared. The one to our left zigzagged backwards like an annoyed fly then came back to settle beside the other one. That was at a speed unknown to humans. Impossible to comprehend. The had stopped in mid air..no sound. The the one on the left took off in the other direction and the big one on the right seemed to disappear. Just as the did this there was a white what could of been a airforce speed jet travel northwest across that area but much higher than the level these 2 ufos were. There was 3 of us that saw them, All sober no drugs.adults.

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  1. I steven serna from alb. N.m. Am a veteran, and artist . . After drawing Arch Angel Metatrons Cubes and perfect circle layouts . . i realized that Metatron or enoch is making the crop circles . . I can prove it ! . .

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