Trianteika, Agrinio, Greece sighting

Location: Trianteika, Agrinio, Greece
Date: 7th Oct 2016
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Witness report: Three hours before the time of the sight, a thunderstorm lasted for One Hour. Electricity went out a couple of times and the lights turned on and off rapidly for 5-10 seconds mid-storm. Next three hours was normal rain. When the sight started, a similar-sized Unidentified Flying Object appeared in the sky, which seemed to have been falling down to earth. At the last 30 seconds, I went to get a camera so I could film it, but the UFO’s Red Sphere, which seemed like flames, were put out. The size of the UFO was similar to the Moon’s size, but could not be sure of it’s distance from the place. It seemed to be close to 3km-5km from us. The UFO seems similar to this but with a key difference, and that is that it was alone, without any other UFOs near it, and it had a smoke trail behind it.


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