Shropshire UFO sighting

Location: Shrewsbury,Shropshire, England
Date: 22 September 2016 . 8:10—8:20 pm
Submitted by Gretchen

Witness report:
The night of the Autumn Equinox I was outside waiting for a taxi . There were clear skies with a few clouds and stars visible. As I looked up to see the sky! a large gold coloured orb tinged with red traveled from west to east over Shrewsbury. It moved at an even speed , was completely silent and did not pulse or blink. Seven or eight minutes later as I was wondering what the thing could be I looked and saw what seemed to be a squadron of light orbs flying at the same altitude and direction as the gold and red orb had flown a few minutes before. The front five orbs were smaller than the single one had been. These were pale yellow and flew in an abbreviated arrow formation with an orb of light in front and three more orbs swept back like a wing and a fifth opposite offsetting the three . Slightly behind and a bit larger flew four more light orbs which were a green colour . There were three in a row with one offsetting the three on the opposite side. As I was
standing there I thought of taking pictures with my phone but didn’t want to take my eyes off what I was seeing. All the orbs I witnessed flying that night were silent, non pulsing and steady in their altitude and speed. The taxi I had called arrived as these things were flying over the town and I ran up to the tcar and shouted to the driver to look up . When I looked back the green orbs had changed their positions from a horizontal flight arrangement to three vertical orbs as if the sword of Orion was flying across the sky but in green lights. As I got into the cab I could see the lights continuing over the town into the distance. I was not afraid.. I had never seen such colourful lights flying before.

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