Mulhurst Bay, AB UFO Sighting

Location: Mulhurst Bay, AB behind my property just above the tree line. pt 1/4;NW;23;47;28;4
Date: Sept 20,2016; Sept 15,2016; last year unsure about dates quessing Sept ? 2015 and November ? 2015
Submitted by Darlene

Witness report: Sept/2015 My house was fairly dark, about the middle of the night and I looked out one of my windows towards the back of my property (7acres of mostly trees) and I saw a huge light (it was large, round and very very bright. It didn’t move and I watched it for a few minutes wondering what it could be and knowing that there was nothing on that part of the property or the neighboring one, and looked like nothing I’d seen before. I considered stepping outside and so I turned on the room light. Looked out again first and the bright light was gone. Turned off the room light and it was gone.****Nov/2015 Then about 2 months later once again middle of the night all the trees had lost their leaves and I looked out a different window and saw a brightly lit round object flying low about 1/2 – 1km away just above the road that runs along there. Quite straight line then gone. **** Sept 20/2016 my husband and I were driving home. Just before we entered our driveway we both saw that same light again same place our property trees. We pulled the car in front of the garage stepped out and went to the back to look. The light was smaller than and then disappeared.**** I saw it again on Sept 22, 2016 but only for about 1/2 minute. To our investigation we can’t see anything there in the day time.

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