Michigan UFO Sighting

Location: South Haven, Michigan
Date: 09-12-16
Submitted by Dan

Witness report: White lights on a disk shaped craft came from the north up high and dove to just above tree top level a few miles out and leveled out almost stopped following the tree line not to be seen up high. It then shot itself towards us at such a high rate of speed the white lights turned into a streak until making it across the highway still north of us. Three witnesses me, my wife and son. After the streak of light it did a 180 and continued to hover over the tree heading towards us until even with my home we could see a tail on the disk. The craft 40’x60′ to the end of the tail it was 10 pm the color is hard to tell if it was black or silver but the lights were square and light in a pattern. Two front would light and switch to left and right side two. It hovered at less than 5miles per hour. When the craft was 100 feet away it almost stopped and didn’t make any noise ever. A few odd things happened when it was even with us. There was no wind but it was breezy right before it. And I felt nothing and my son said his spine felt warm. Then it left as we went in the home.

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