UFO filmed over Chateauguay, Quebec

Location: Chateauguay, Quebec
Date: August 22 2016
Submitted by nahavic

Witness report: Taken on Friday, August 22 2016 @8:23 p.m. in Chateauguay, Quebec. Chateauguay is on the South Shore of Montreal and about a 20 minute drive from the city. Saw a “cluster” of UFO’s from the corner of my eye while I sitting on couch flying in a Northerly direction.. Grabbed my iPad which luckily I was charging nearby. I am an avid skywatcher who has never seen anything like this, but have seen many “cluster UFO” videos online. After many viewings, I noticed a fourth object/orb appear below the tree line around the .35 second mark right around the time the third object “disappears” (right hand side of screen below roof). I didn’t notice the 4th object at all. I was keeping my iPad trained on the night sky to see if the other three would reappear. No visible red landing lights that would indicate a plane or helicopter. No idea what it was. In fact, in the all the years I’ve searched the skies to find a UFO, I have never seen one. Were it not for my dog changing the couch she normally lies on, I would have missed it altogether. We usually sit on the couch with our backs to the bay windows. That night she chose the couch to the side of the windows, enabling me to see out the windows and spot the objects over the neighbour’s house.

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  1. To the poster from Chateauguay Quebec. I live in Ontario and have a view of Quebec around Aylmer and Gatineau and have seen many UFOs in the skies over Quebec. You mentioned you are a sky watcher and what I would suggest is that you watch the skies especially around sunsets and scan the skies for anything odd that you see with the naked eye – an odd shaped cloud or something moving or just a hunch. Then take a good set of binoculars and look at that spot you had a hunch about and that is how you see UFOs more frequently. Also watch the edges of clouds especially in the daytime. I have caught a triangle and a saucer near the edges of clouds, obviously they hide behind them or make the clouds to cover them. Again though you usually need binoculars to see the movements. Trust me, they are up there. I had my 8th sighting last night over Aylmer, a deep grey metallic looking saucer ascending from a grey cloud. Freaked me right out, always a shock when you go with your gut about a spot and then there it is. Amazing.

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