New York UFO Sighting

Location: Rome, NY. 13440
Date: August 29, 2016 @ approx 10:40 pm EST
Submitted by Linda

Witness report: I was travelling West to Mill st. Noticed a extremely bright and crimson red object in the west sky approx 45 degrees from horizon. I wasn’t sure at that moment if the object was stationary as there were trees in my line of sight, but I was certain it wasn’t Mars as it was very red and very bright and appeared to be much larger then anything belonging in the night sky.
I turned south on mill st, lost sight of it until I turned left on Martin street heading west when I clearly saw the object traversing the sky from the northwest headed in a south easterly direction and to my left.
Compared to Jupiter in the night sky, it was much larger and much closer.
The object seemed to be shaped like star fish but with only 3 tentacles with a slight curve to them, and the object was a brilliant red with a luminous yellow near the leading edge. The object moved slowly.
I pulled my car to the shoulder of the rolled, put my window down and watched while attempting to find my cellphone.
After a few seconds of observing and searching, the object stopped and in 2 or 3 seconds disappeared by what seemed to be cloaking itself.
The object did not make any sounds that I could hear and left no contrails.
It was a clear night. I could see airplane strobes in the sky as well. This object was NOT an airplane of any kind. There were no flashing lights and it was bigger (or closer).
NEADS on the former Griffiss AF base, should have detected something if you know anyone there. And, it was NOT a drone.
Thank you, and if you can, if anyone else saw something similar.

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