Holden UFO Sighting

Location: Holden, MA, USA
Date: August 30,2016
Submitted by Jeff

Witness report: 11:57 pm- took my dog out to do his business in our front yard. He went to the edge of our property, a rock wall about four feet above the road, he stopped and was looking up at the sky facing South. This caught my attention and I looked at the same area. Within one to two seconds a glowing, silent object appeared, it looked to be 500 feet or less above ground, moving quickly from South to North. It was in view for approximately 5-10 seconds and couldn’t be seen after going behind trees. It was kind of egg/ walnut shaped, yellow-whitish glow, moving about 200 mph, completely silent. I know most, if not all, man made aircraft, this is not something common, nor known to be in use by any military. The shape was close to the craft in the movie, “Flight of the Navigator.” It absolutely WAS NOT a meteor or anything from nature.

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