UFO seen over Canada

Location: Regina, SK
Date: July 8/16 1:20AM
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Witness report: My friend lives in Regina, SK. We have just had the following text exchange:

Friend: Hey wanna check ur ufo thing? Just saw weirdest thing and no trains for last hour which is weird.

Me: Ok exact location and time…describe what you saw. Sightings are on the rise.

Friend: Was just floating – all white lights – Dogs being weird like had to pee but was scared to go out. I’m at (address) right off train and so weird, no noise in a while, no joke. I don’t know grid off hand but close to where almost tornado was (just sayin)

Me: Was there sort of whistling sound?

Friend: Ya thought it was train but no horn after, like a big tent being pulled over?

Me: OMG Holy Shiz. It was. They have no normal sound but for a whistling type noise. Ya like air being displaced.

Friend: Like a hissing from a torn huge tent, if that makes sense.

Me: Yesyesyes that’s it. OMG.

Friend: K Jeez K well I”m not crazy at least, now what. Dogs hiding under the deck.

Me: Don’t go outside and tell him to come in.

Friend: I got fields alla round I’m 3 blocks from it. K Not cool I went in and sparked my hand on the dooknob,

Me: You’ll be ok. And you’re ok around the immediate house. Ya lots of electricity.

Friend: Power just went out and now thunderstorm. What the heck is happening.

Me: Ooooh…power out, that’s them. Rain, that’s nature. Time there?

Friend: I have clear skies and thunder, my power is ok but street light is done. It’s 1:22 AM. Its clear skies. I don’t get it. Paul got me up, he’s still under the deck.

Me: Wait, no rain, or clouds, but thunder??

Friend: Yes, weirdest thing my skies are not even a cloud! Dogs back, barked at neighbour, keeps lickin me – am I crazy or what?

Me: Is he back inside?

Friend: Grossssss I’m glad at least can ask someone who doesn’t think I’m nuts.

Me: Nope, I’m filling out a report.

Friend: Yep won’t leave my side. Keeps licking me like I’m injured but I’m not. Well I always am hahaha you know me but you know what I mean. Weirdest thing ever.

Me: What, in your memory was the last time looking at the time, before this happened?

I’ve established with my friend that she has no missing time. She said that her dog woke her up and she thought he had to go outside. So she tried to let him out and he became very skittish (he’s a big australian blue heeler). When she did get him out, he went straight for under the porch.

She said that when she went out that’s when she saw the lights, then texted me while it was happening, and felt it. I asked her what she felt and she says “Like, I’m going to electricity the next thing I touch, like my belly and eyes feel bright. She feels sick, weird, like she was on some weird drug (she’s not a drug user). I had her check herself for any strange marks. She’s complaining of feeling sick, ear is feeling weird, like, there’s a bug in her ear, and now her garage buzzer keeps beeping.

After doing a little research I found out radiation is an issue after some close sightings. Advised her to take baking soda/sea salt soak, and to take a glass of water with pinch of seasalt a day, for next week.

Just for the record, this person does not normally believe in this kind of thing, and she’s quite disturbed by this event. Her dog is still freaked out and whining. I’ll monitor her for a few days to see if she continues to feel ill or if it settles down. Also, advised to take picture next time it happens. She froze this time cause she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. If you need more info or have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. Thanks.

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