Texas UFO Sighting

Location: Houston, Texas
Date: 7/21/2016
Submitted by Brad

Witness report: I was driving to Galveston on beltway 8 coming from cypress when something caught my eye in a large cloud to my left. It was very long,thin and had a dark brown color. I wouldn’t call it cigar shaped because my view from its side made it appear to be thin. I could have been seeing only one side of it but who knows. Visibility was limited due to cloud cover and I quickly grabbed my phone and started snapping a few pics. Only one of them can you see a slight mark in the cloud above the power lines in the photo. Maybe with some filters you can get it to stick out more. Ive seen orbs before but never a craft. Anyways I just wanted to report what I saw. I have studied this topic for almost 10 years now and I finally had my own sighting! Thanks for all the hard work you guys do in bringing this truth to light. God bless

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  1. Scott Hans Florance:

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