Latest Oregon UFO Sighting

Location: Coos Bay, Oregon
Date: July 12 2016
Submitted by Gregory

Witness report: Yesterday my wife and I were on our deck outside our patio door. I had a powerful green laser with me. I pulled it out and shined it at what appeared to be stars. One I did this the object started to move forward then backwards. Then side to side. Trying to get out of my lazzer field. I kept up with it.there.are in the night due 3 to 5 UFOs in the sky. I can detect them as there light is dimmer than surrounding stars. They appear to be not in space but in earths sky. I do this often. One I did this went inside satdown and a wile later I herd a voice calling me in my mind.. Come to the door. I replied no, I’m sorry for shinning my lazzer at you
And it will never happen again
Of course I was lying. Now know this last night was very scary. We heard strange noises outside. I carefully peaked out but saw nothing. And then i hid. I thought they were back to get me. I watched the patio door for entry. But nothing happened. In 1978 after walking home from work I saw 3 silver ships with about 9white lights shinning down they were close to the ground I estimate about 100 feet above the earth. As I walked they were following me home
But stopped at the side of my building. I told a friend at work to verify what I was seeing. He did just that and reported what I have told you. I don’t have any pictures.

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