1974 UFO sighting over Oregon

Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Date: July 25 1974
Submitted by Gregory

Witness report: It was late July. My best friend Paul invited me over to spend the night camping in his backyard.paul and I competed on who could find the North Star fist. Paul usually won. But I won that day. Paul replied (Good job Greg.) A few minutes later Paul exclaimed that’s not the North Star -pointing to the sky -(That is.) I replied well if that’s the North Star then what’s that.As I finished the blue object began to streek across the sky at a 45 degree angle to our left. It then stopped revered projectory and headed at a 70 degree angle upward. Stopped and headed to do a foguee 8 and zipped out. Paul and I were struct silent. Minutes passed. I broke the silence by saying Paul.. a while ago did you see something strange in the night sky?. Paul hesitated and said YES!. I said Paul you know in America we have nothing like that. He say yah. I sad we saw a UFO.

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