San Fernando Valley UFO sighting

Location: San Fernando Valley – Studio City, CA 91607
Date: 060516_3:50 AM PST
Submitted by Ray

Witness report: Usually clear skies – no moon – Looking almost due north –
1.- Noticed a large object with a slow-2 sec.pulsed glow over entire area of object at about 15 sec. intervals above the spares cloud cover. Object moved very fast and changed directions several times within in 2-3 sec. and continued south east. Followed by similar object though different path but equal in behavior. event lasted 60-90 sec. each.
2. – Same direction – noticed what would be best described as very – high altitude dispersed lighting. One flash only.
I’m the ultimate skeptic – this is not my first observation. Don’t have $10 million in camera equipment needed that ready to go at a moments notice. Had a bright LED flash light and I did flash a sequence of primes!

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  1. Call me crazy if you want, but I would never signal a UFO. There are too many reports of UFOs approaching people after being signaled like that, and no one enjoys the experience. Just think about the Allagash abduction.

    I saw a UFO similar to this one two years ago. I thought I was watching a satellite, but it was traveling from south to north. Suddenly it made an abrupt 90 degree turn to the west and just disappeared.

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