Reader saw an Alien

Location: San Antonio Texas
Date: 06/2014
Submitted by David

Witness report: It was an Alien, Somewhat like the Traditional looking alien, but Much taller, and the eyes werent wide but long slits, didnt see a mouth, didnt really see nostrils either, and it walked like a Camel with a weird stride.

I was awoken by the yelping of our dog, an American Bull dog, It never barks or yelps, when I heard it i got up out of bed and assumed it needed to go outside to relieve herself, when i opened the door, it went to the edge of the door and stood afraid to step beyond the threshhold of the door, I told her to go, but she wouldnt so i shoved her gently out the door unwillingly, i closed the door and turned around to go back to bed till she wanted back in, i took approx. 3 steps and something made me look to the fence line directly from the door, I noticed a elongated neck and a egg shaped head with tiny slits for eye’s, I always have a pistol handy and I had a Glock with a Red Laser pointer, as i watched this head, it wouldnt move, so i pointed the laser to the right eye first and it didnt budge or make a move, i left it on its eye slit for a good minute or two and still wouldnt move, i found it odd, very odd, Then i moved the pointer to the left eye, same thing but longer, finally after a good 3 minutes it turned its head to the left and decided to walk out of site, but it did so with a walk like a hump movement, I dont fear men, especially with a Gun in hand, but I was striken with fear not wanting to go outside to investigate, about 3 nites later the dog did the same thing, got up to look i told my girlfriend at the time to verify in case this thing was back, sure enough it was back, she got up and saw the same thing! what happened next was really weird, It did happen,

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