UFO Video: Palm Bay, Florida

Location: Palm Bay
Date: April 2016
Submitted by Joshua

Witness report: I saw a UFO in Palm Bay Florida. I thought I would never be able to prove it.

So I posted about it on NASA, a young man 5400 miles away in Pagini, Italy had not only witnessed but recorded the same object.

Feel free to shit a brick after watching. It was much much lower when it flew over my house.

I live next to two airports, I’ve seen thousands of helicopters and planes. This is a fucking glowing ball of light with a halo around it.

Not relevant but still cool:
It was making an amazing sound, a sound I cannot describe…it was not only beautiful but the sound it made… It was quiet but..it was like a white noise or static…something like a dog whistle…
As I watched it fly over, it didn’t sink behind the trees like a plan or helicopter, just seemed to fly off into outer space.

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