UFO sighting over South Australia

Location: Ingle Farm, South Australia
Date: 13/05/2016
Submitted by Timothy

Witness report: On friday at work i oddly saw between 15 to 25 farming planes (a couple a little bigger) all flying towards parafield airport in about 30 second intervals along the same flight path and about the third to last plane dropped a black orb about half a metre from the end of its tail and turned around as soon as it realised. About 2 minutes later there were two planes (including the one which dropped the orb) circling the area which the orb was dropped and all of a sudden i looked at the exact spot where it was dropped and there were three very small but extremely high tech, black planes hovering low above the area which it was dropped.
About 5 minutes after that one of the black planes dissapeared in a flash and there were then three planes circling a larger diameter for the rest of the day (about 4 hours until i finished my shift). The last two black planes i lost sight of.
Within the one and a half hours after the black planes had originally arrived, i saw the largest surveillance drone i have ever seen scan the area and a military grade fighter jet go over.

I believe the object that i have described that was dropped from the first plane is the same or identical object to what has been described around the world in similar sightings except this time the humans had hold of it

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