UFO activity over Beloit, Illinois

Location: south Beloit, Illinois
Date: 5/1/2016-still current
Submitted by Brenden

Witness report: the first night I noticed them I was going to Walmart and seen a star like triangle shape I thought it was stars but then I seen 14 more all in the same area and some single star like balls the move in wired ways I used the Big Dipper to identify them as not stars they flicker disappear and reappear. May 2nd that night I went outside to smoke a cig and I looked up and now theirs 1000s everywhere people say their stars but stars don’t make odd movements and disappear and flicker as I was smoking I came in contact with one that flew past me 5 feet away the. I ran inside and hour later I went back out for another thinking I’m just going crazy or something not even five min after I’m out their it went past me again back te way it came. It did not harm me on any way. But last night was the strangest. Their were soundless flashes in the sky on the other side of town I decided to drive over their and I saw two orange not normal lightning bolts go straight into the around in a farm field 15 mins apart then I got scared and turned around when I saw four balls of light hovering over the tree line were they hit. When I got home I had to get my neobor next door to get another set of eyes on the sky due to my girlfriend saying I am crazy and she was going to call the police and say I needed help. Well my next door neobor and his girlfriend saw the same things in the sky I did but now stars it was cloudy and hailing now this is were it gets weird we were in his front yard and we saw the flashes again and five mins later we heard two unknown beings in diffrent directions comunicating with each other in a weird noise that changed pitch and never the same like they were talking then one another one some how got stuck in my garage an was banging the hell out of the door. Then I took my 9 month old daughter and left. Due to my girlfriend leaving the front door open yelling at me saying I’m crazy then one got in my house. Please I’ve been trying to contact anyone who will believe me I do not have a camera but I have an iPhone and when I try taking a picture it dosent work for some reason like my battery’s dead but it has full charge. I tried tellin nasa and anyone on Facebook that would listen but everyone is saying they aren’t real and I’m crazy. Their everywhere and I don’t understand why they have intrest in me and my house I’m the only one beside my neobor and his girl that know I wait Ed a few day before saying anything due to my girl saying I’m crazy. Even a cop was looking at the triangle thing in a parking lot and I tried listening in on the police scanner but it was supposably offline and one last thing when the sun starts to rise the cloud move in really fast to blanket the sky and they cloak or morph into clouds above my house. I live in a quiet subdivision please please help

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  1. Where was the incident located I believe you and would like to help but need to know where the “weird” lightening struck

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