Summer 1983 UFO sighting

Location: Awanita valley christian retreat, SC USA
Date: summer 1983
Submitted by Mary

Witness report: The whole group of kids saw things. They saw things I believe relative to what their young minds could relate, Jesus walking on water, angels, ect. Not me and my friend, we saw a UFO!!

The last night of camp after a revival meeting in a building just up the hill from our lodge, we overheard the counselors talking about some kids that skipped the revival and went down to the lake. The kids had obviously been frantic and said that they saw Jesus and angels. One said they saw an angel, fell in the water and when they got out, they were dry. This all sounded kind of crazy to us, but we asked a counselor to walk us back to the lodge just in case.

We were the first to get to the lodge and a few more trickled in behind us, but nowhere near the max capacity of the building which was 180. I stood out on the porch of my second story room and watched as a boy ran out into an empty soccer field. He raised his hands into the air and talked to something before he fell to the ground. Soon surrounded by counselors and abated, he was fine and came back to reality being told he had an experience with Christ or whatever. I started to feel like I was missing out.

I looked down onto the bushes that traced the outline of the basketball court and thought I saw a blueish mist. I ran into my room and told my friend what I’d seen. She came with me onto the balcony as I tried to explain. What happened next will never leave my memory.

Down the sidewalk, by the lake and into the woods we started to see what looked like flashlights coming towards us. But these were no ordinary flashlights. They floated smoothly and if estimated, probably going about 40mph from a 1/4 mile away to hover just feet in front of us. Once in front of us we saw four perfect white circles. Each circle about 4 feet across. They made no noise and hovered with no vibration or movement. We screamed, looked at each other, screamed again, then ran inside.

This whole event maybe took ten minutes, but once inside, the building had miraculously filled with all 180 tenants. We never saw a group coming in. I believe we lost time and possibly were abducted, but I have no memory of it.

The next day upon leaving the camp, we noticed the tree next to the sighting that the day before had been full of leaves was now barren.

I have no contact with my friend and my mother and family tried to convince me I saw angels. I know better.

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