UFO report from a pilot

Location: High over Europe
Date: 24/04/16
Submitted by Captain Anon

Witness report: Whilst operating a commercial flight from eastern Mediteranean to UK cruising at 36000′ heading approx 300* over Bulgaria we saw what we initially thought was a satellite moving left to right just under the constelation Canis Minor. It was too slow for a meteor. It initially appeared as bright as the ISS, but quickly faded as it moved horizontally to the right, and faded from view before passing under the right star of Canis Minor. So we thought it was just a satellite and nothing at all unusal. However about 10 minutes later it appeared in exactly the same place and did exactly the same thing again, another satellite perhaps…a real coincidence! Shortly after that there was a bright white flash lower down under Canis Minor, it came and went in a split second. This was not a coincidence so we started to monitor that part of the sky closely and sure enough it reappeared in the same place and followed the same path again. As the occurances continued regularly at about 10 minute intervals it became fainter, however on about the fourth pass another bright short flash appeared underneath and to the right of the object. We observed about six passes before it was too faint to see, or had moved away. What WASN’T it? Not a satellite, although of a similar speed, but repetetive. Not a weather balloon, probably the right height, but too fast and repetetive. Not a commercial aircraft, no nav lights, no strobes nor beacon, and FAR too high. The only thing that makes any sense is an ultra high (military) aircraft flying extremely fast in a race track pattern getting further away from us. BUT this would not explain the two HI flashes. Three of us witnessed this from the flight deck, we were baffled, I have never seen anything like this in 20 years of commercial flying.

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