UFO photographed over Florida

Location: Miramar FL
Date: Sat April 16 2016 10pm
Submitted by Dumford

Witness report: Had sensing to take dog outside– had to wake him. Seems craft would have been right over me at that time. Rectangular with 10 lights in 2 columns of 2 -front 2 white blinking didn’t appear to be strobe, and other 8 multi colors strady on blue, red, yellow, green …?? While trying to determine if 8 or 10 lights, another craft appeared also rectangular but only 8 lights not multi colored but would go totally black for several seconds – only saw it 2x. Travelling WNW from MIA? Into/across wind, flying too fast for blimps ( such as if lit up underneath) too slow for normal jets… Not enough sound ( if any) for choppers flying any panels of lights to someplace ( direction Eglin?) No “wingtip lights” of red/ green” unable to determine altitude due to unknown actual size. But if ‘ usual’ plane altitude after TO 2 mile ‘down range’ less than 2 mi alt. perhaps? At one point I thought I saw a large light grey disk above it(attached) 3x size of rectangular light ‘panel’ but could be trick of mind/eye as low clouds were moving in and moon light subdued. Called someone immediately who knows ac had worked avionics 40 years and he had no idea. Tweeted later if anyone had seen it also but no replies.

New runway has caused many ac to fly right over at low altitudes for many months. Jets fly low after buzzing sunlife stadium, blimps for games often around..Am close to smaller ap where planes dive in and out picking up dropping banners– but never at night. (North Perry) Used to live ‘at’ HAFB and saw low flying stealth before made public ( it was viewing downrange flight of shuttle liftoff at night) .10 yrs CAP-USAF scanner. Never seen anything like this. Only photoes by iphone are garbage but show squarish blobs of light.


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