UFO photographed over Brazil



Date: 04/21/2016
Submitted by Diogo

Witness report: I was taking pictures of the full moon of april 2016, at 20:20 local time.

The weather was very clear, a beautiful night.

Didn’t see anything different from the lens, and got surprised while checking the pictures from the camera screen. In one of the pictures I noticed a strange object in the left side of the moon.

In this time of the year in Brazil, the sun falls very early, so when the picture was taken, we were at about 2:30 hours at dark night. I concluded that this object should be in a very high altittude to reflect the sun light, and I don’t know or believe an animal would fly that high. Also it seems not to have own light.

Camera: cannon powershot sx40hs (zoom at full 35x optical – no digital zoom used)

What most shocked me was a video made in USA on january 2016, showing a really simlar object, again crossing the full moon.

Please give your opinios.

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  1. On April 17th, 9:44 pm, I was photographing the full moon. Just moments after I snapped a Picture my Brother asked to look thru the Telescope. He instantly looked up at me and said “What was that?”…he had seen something Black Fly across the moon from East to West. I would be curious to know What time and day did Diogo take this picture.

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