UFO activity over Gulf of Mexico

Location: Gulf of Mexico
Date: 4/6/16
Submitted by Blaine

Witness report: 4/6/16, around midnight, I watched a blinking white light move horizontally from South to North across the sky just offshore above the Gulf of Mexico where the northern border of the Mustang Island State Park meets the beach. The pulse of the light was slower than typically observed on an aircraft – it was more of a blink, pause (about 1 second), blink… After about 15 seconds during one of the dark pauses, underneath the last location of the last blinking light, a large area of water was illuminated in a rectangular shape estimated to be 100-200 yards across lengthwise, perhaps larger (difficult to estimate the distance from shore and thus the actual parameters of the illumination; however it was a very large area). There was no “beam of light” serving as the source of the illumination. Because it was as bright as a full moon reflection off the ocean, my initial thought was that the moon suddenly appeared from behind a cloud so I looked up at the sky, then quickly remembered there was no moon – it was a new moon – and the sky was clear. I looked back at the illumination and then a second or two later it suddenly disappeared. I then saw the blinking light again one more time, but farther from shore straight out from the point of the previous blink as if it had made a 90 degree turn out to sea. That was the last blinking light. I would very much like to find out if anyone else may be seen this phenomena or can offer an explanation as to what it may have been.

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