Oregon 1999 UFO Sighting

Location: Bandon, Oregon
Date: Sept 1999
Submitted by Kim

Witness report: I thought I would share my story, I don’t have any photos or video.
What I saw was actually inside my house. ..
I was sound asleep and I was woken up very suddenly, I looked over and it was exactly 2 am on my clock, I was not sure what had woken me up but it was very quiet and dark in my room then I noticed a bluish light shining from the direction of the living room I was thinking that’s odd and started to reach for my gun in my nightstand, I was thinking there was an intruder in my house with a flashlight, my children’s bedrooms were on the opposite side of the hall and my younger sons room was closest to the living room.
I started to lean up with my gun in hand and was preparing it get out of bed as the light got brighter like it was coming down the hallway then it went dim like it went into my son’s room. .so I’m thinking oh S*#t I’m going to have to shoot someone! I was getting really scared at that point, my husband was sound asleep next me but I didn’t have time to wake him as it got brighter again like it was coming towards my room… I thought thats odd because I could not hear any footsteps??
As sitting on my bed with one foot on the floor and gun pointed at the door that was when I saw it… wow..
My brain didn’t know how to process what I was looking at, I sat there frozen with my gun pointed at it..
It was a Ball of pure energy pulsing floating up by the ceiling. It was as wide as my hallway roughly and kind of pancaked I watched as it moved into my other sons room just inside his doorway across the hall from my room …it probably was only in his room less than a min.
Then it came across into my room and I sat frozen just staring at it ..it Was beautiful, alive pulsing
It reminded me of one of those glass lightning balls but with no glass around in ..it was multicolored towards the center reds, oranges, greens with pulsing energy fingers radiating out to a brilliant blue .
It mostly blue light that it radiated.
I’m not sure how long it was actually in my house..it seemed curious and oddly enough I was not scared of it…
It was like it realized I was looking at it pulsed really bright all of a sudden left my room back into the hallway the took off like a bolt of lighting back down the hall and was gone.
So here I am sitting in the dark stunned, I got up turned on the lights checked my children who were still sound asleep. .I woke my husband and ran around like a mad woman checking all doors and windows. Everything was locked up tight..whatever it was was able to go right thru my living room wall..the wall in direction it went had two big windows.

I have spent years searching the Internet to see if anyone else had seen one up close but so far I have not heard of anyone else. The closest discription I could find was the blue lights that guided ships into port during Stormy seas.. it was probably one of the most Beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.
Whatever it was was able to navigate the halls in my house and appeared to concious of its surroundings.

I really wish I had pictures to share

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