UFOs over Saint Cloud, Florida

Location: Saint Cloud, Florida
Date: Feb 29th 2016
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Witness report: I saw a UFO, in fact not one, but 5 of them. MUFON is going to be posting my sighting, so I wanted you all to hear it all first hand from me before it is posted worldwide!
It was a few nights ago about 8:30 PM. The sky was clear dark and with bright stars. My son and were loading a trailer by the side of our driveway. The next thing I saw, was my son saying do you see that? I turned and looked over my shoulder and coming over the road by my house where two extremely large aircrafts/UFO’s. Each one was the size of 747 jumbo jet following one another in tandem only about 75 feet apart just clearing the tree tops going about 80 miles per hour. They were in the shape of a triangle or boomerang. The UFO’s were banking sharp right going Southeast and downward toward Lake Gentry. The 2 crafts were only approximately 150 feet above the ground. We thought they were going to crash into the lake because they went down below the tree line at an extreme angle. We saw or heard no explosion or crash, and yet we never saw the UFO’s never came back up!
Then a few minutes later two more crafts came and did the same exact thing! Same size and everything, WOW! The first four crafts each had very large bright red lights on the tip of each corner with a bright white light in the front.
We both ran in the house and told my wife, and were going out to Lake Gentry to see if the indeed did crash. I had my camera at this time and was getting into our car. Just at that point another craft, UFO slightly smaller, came directly over my house going so slow that it enabled me to get out of my car and turn my camera on. The photo you see is what I took. I was so stunned at the time I was having a hard time, fumbling doing the process of turning my camera on quickly. It took me about 45 seconds to 1 minute at least for me to set up this picture. The 5th UFO had white lights only, three of them. Each bright white light was on a corner point. This craft was also in the shape of a triangle boomerang. Again it was banking sharply south east and going down into Lake Gentry never coming up!
After all of the excitement we pulled out of our driveway and there were other people stopped by the side of the road totally stunned asking us if we saw what they saw, and of course we said yes!
The craft was approximately 600 yards away when I finally took the picture.
Please look at the reflections off of my cars and you can see how big the craft was. Also the lights in the photo were not blurred by movement. You can see this by the cars they are not blurry. If you look close you can see small lights in the white lights. They kind of look like little LED’s/little dots in the lights The angle of the lights are the same angle the UFO’s were banking at.
The daytime photo shows how low the UFO’s actually were. The cars were not moved in the exact same place as the night before.
These crafts also were flying in a no fly zone, under the commercial flight entrance only 12 miles away from Orlando International Airport going the opposite direction of the airports landing routs.
Please enjoy the photos, and I would love to hear your replies.


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  1. This Family was not the only one to have seen the UFOS flight by our homes on that same date and approximately at the same time as well. They UFOS flight by Davenport, Poinciana and Saint Cloud for two nights in the row. My sister, friends and co-workers had this same experience that night.

  2. I would like to let you know that we have the same experience in Poinciana florida same day , time descriptions it was so noise they pass by my house two days and we saw 4 crafts exacly the same that he describe. my husband was in shock of what he saw .

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