UFO video from Manchester

Location: Manchester, UK
Date: March 2016
Submitted by Matthew

Witness report: I have some video footage of a strange object in the skys over Little Manchester.

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  1. May be a black balloon!Robert Newton.Britain.PS.Last night fri.18.mar.2016,ABOUT 6-58pm!I was on bus to St.Helen’s going down steep hill at Common Rd.,Earlestown,and looking across to E,just W,of railway nine arches of Manchester to Liverpool line,which is on an embankment about 100ft.,tall to cross the Sankey Valley!Just W of Sankey canal and River Penk,5 conical beams of light projected upward,and they were rotating clockwise,and moving W about 15mph!About 200yds.,further on,is left turn for Collins Green and alien craft was almost there,and someone may have seen!The guy in library now saw the lights,and said they came across valley from Wargrave,so definately went across both waterways!Robert Newton.

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