Strange activity over Richmond



Location: Richmond, nsw, Australia
Date: 2015
Submitted by Lyla

Witness report: i see things in the sky regularly in richmond nsw australia ,i was filming and taking pictures of the chem trails over my house,i was on facebook and looking for a cover pic to post, so i decided to post one of the chem trails as i was searching for one that did not have my house in the picture , i zoomed in to look at the planet next to the sun then i look over to the right and saw a object, so i took a closer look and saw it was a UFO, if you look above the sun on the right you will see it last year my youngest child and myself saw two ufos they looked like cheese burgers with windows i didn’t get a pic of that sorry but will next time i did film a cat in the sky well it is a face it looks like a cat or alien i put on YouTube last year will have to find the original file i have a few

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