Unidentified flying objects over Wales, Australia

Location: North Shelly Beach.New south Wales Australia
Date: 2300 hours 20/2/2016
Submitted by Brian

Witness report: 3 Bright orange lights I thought is was the prankster with the hang gliders again (who owned the kite shop in the Entrance shopping center). I am a retired aircraft engineer with 49 year experience studying aircraft.I saw the 3 lights that looked like fire embers from my yard at Shelly Beach at 11pm.I went inside to get my phone to try to take a photo.When i got back the lights had moved over Tuggerah Lake within 3 minutes the disappeared into the western sky.I estimate that would be 300 to 500 klm in 3 minutes.I have worked on military and commercial jets and military helicopters and have flown around the world 8 times when i worked for qantas.I would like to know if any one else saw what i saw,it was an amazing experience. Brian Humphreys.(i also had Naval security clearance)

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