UFO spotted over Charter Towers, Australia

Location: Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia
Date: 28/2/2016
Submitted by Vanessa

Witness report: A triangular shaped object with on base it had 4 large diamond shaped dull lights on either side came over the top of our house about 100 mtrs up. No noise and an orb shaped object bright as can be shot out from the right hand side of it in an up warn motion at an amazing rate of speed. About 15 mins later another orb or maybe the same one came in from the left hand side into the area of where the bigger craft would have been but was out of sight at this time. The feeling of seeing made all my hair stand up and gave me goose bumps all over.

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  1. Yes I believe it my friend &I saw one over his house a few months ago about 7pm on dusk hovering.black oblong shaped spinning in every direction had 3 extremely bright lights on it

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