UFO sighting reported south of Catalina Island, California

Location: south of Catalina Island, California
Date: 1 February 2016
Submitted by Christine

Witness report: PLEASE! people think I am crazy and when I confide my profession dismiss me immediately. I was on a yacht cruising south of Catalina Island returning to L.A. after a weekend ‘party’ cruise. It was late Sunday night. I remained on deck after everyone else had gone below
except the helmsman. We encountered a fast moving fog and I saw balls of lightning zoom overhead. the boat rocked violently and dozens of flying fish broke the surface. A HUGE, pewter colored disk rose from the water and hovered overhead silently. I felt vertigo, my stomach lurch and felt myself floating in a beam of intense light.
My next memory was of someone pulling me to my feet by my arms. It was bright daylight and a USCG boat was alongside hailing us not to move. There were already armed sailors onboard who roughly handcuffed me and tried not to stare ( my bikini was missing) and men in suits in charge giving orders. My famous companion came out; very groggy and their attitude changed. They claimed we matched a drug runner. they let us go. My companion was upset about publicity and we raced to LA overdue.He told me never to tell anyone we were out and dropped all contact with me. I think I am being watched. I have flash memories and weird things going on physically. I am scared, ashamed without knowing why and nobody will listen.

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  1. Christine,
    I have some understanding of how you feel. Very few people if anybody is going to fully believe you, including your closest family. They will say they do because they love you, but not truly, you can see it in Their eyes. I had an experience about twenty years ago that I have never officially reported for this reason. Like you I saw a cylindrical craft an hour before sunrise. The sky was still dark as I was looking to the west and having a cup of coffee and a smoke before starting a long drive from Stockton,CA to Gray eagle,ca. I noticed a bright coming from the north, I thought it was a jet leaving Sacramento, ca. After a couple of seconds i saw a mile long cylinder, and have missing time. The cylinder was slowly rotating counter clockwise as it moved to the south. The sun was reflecting off the perfectly polished surfaces of the craft, it was still dark but the craft was high enough to catch the sunlight. As the craft was about half way across the sky (in about four seconds) the sky was now blue and I finished watching it fly off to the south (another four or five seconds)and out of sight. I have no idea how it got so light so quickly, but as the craft flew over I sensed it was telling me that it knew I was watching, but that it was OK and not to worry. I was never afraid, just amazed at what I was seeing. I guess what I’m saying is except for people who have had a similar experience no one else will ever truly believe you. Please do as I have done and accept this as a very special experience, and not something bad. I believe you, Daniel.

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