UFO filmed over Homestead, Florida

Location: Homestead, Florida
Date: at 5:55am, Feb 11, 2016
Submitted by Keith

Witness report: I headed out for the day to find 5 objects flying from the NE to SW. They were each fiery like a child’s sparkler. As I watched, the 5 objects unified into a single-line formation. I took out my phone and taped the following. As I changed from video to picture, the formation split into pieces that went into opposite directions from SE & NW.
This was in Homestead, Fl close proximatey to Black Point Marina., at 5:55am, Feb 11, 2016.
The footage is actually five or six single orbs flying in a line formation. Prior to my filming, each orb flew independently. They aligned for a short period, heading SW, then burst into individual orbs again. Some heading NW and some SE. At the beginning, the orbs were directly overhead and looked light orange-reddish sparklers. The orbs appeared to be in the upper atmosphere but not quite space. Also, there was no sound, no sonic boom, nothing. The weather was calm with no wind or distractive noise either.
I have since viewed a number of youtube vids that have been posted over the past 3 years and the sightings appear to happen at the same time each year. The videos are shockingly similar to my experience. My sighting was eerily amazing and I’ll probably carry this with me the rest of my life.

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