UFO caught on tape over Alaska



Location: Alaska, United States
Date: 2014, July 27 at 1220 am

Witness report:Hello I have not made this public except to a handful of people , ten if that . Summer of 2014 I along with about 14 other people watched an ( unidentifiable flying object) I am a Cdl driver and hold a Uscg 100 ton captains license. I saw in the night sky what appeared to be a laser or a blurred light like taillights on a car on a hot asphalt road. The object was viewed by us for about ten minutes . I had just recently got my iPhone 5 at the time and nervously tried to work the camera settings and also put it to video mode. Many of the salmon workers probably would not pass a drug test due to THC in their blood. I Had weeks earlier seen a ufo drawn on his calendar from 2013, I asked him what it meant and he had told me they had seen a UFO over the water and cook inlet . I took what he said with a grain of salt maybe a pound of salt and just thought of it as a bunch of stoners . All I can say is that when I saw what I saw I am for ever changed , I believe it is some sort of unmaned drone or some sort of and I know I will catch hell for this , as you know Alaska is Farley unpopulated but were there are people every one knows everyone’s business . This is taken on Coho loop road , at that time of year at that Lat. we get about 4 hours of darkness .I’ll send a few pics , the only video I texted to a fisherman who had seen the same thing but from the water . I drove east about a mile and could see it outline with the sun in the north west / yes alaska . It looked like a flat arrow head bullet dull black , I have seen a picture of the unmanned drone that landed on an American aircraft carrier but this hovered / Floated if you want to call it that ,I didn’t turn off my diesel truck as many of my close friends have asked me ,to see if it made a noise , ,,, you don’t kill a Diesel engine in alaska , it’s a good way to get stuck in middle of know we’re with no power . The back seemed to have a whole at the back that emitted emitted a blurred light only once but not captured on video was a glowing discharge that looked much like a tracer round shoot out . I know this sounds like it should have been the news of the day in the Kenai penn. but I wanted to finish salmon season and make all the money I could and not loose my job or cause a stink , this is the longest text I think I’ve ever done
I drove east as it went south the other guys couldn’t see it even though it had only turned 90 deg east to a heading of south .almost same place in the air . Up above a natural gas pumping station and then headed south over Cook inlet there are no street lamps and one man is known to land his two seater plane on the road as he lives on coho loop road . I was the strangest thing I’ve seen in my life . I hope it’s some sort of military drone , I hope but the light was blurrier like some one pointing a laser on a windshield but it was my bear eyes .

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