Triangle formation photographed over Virginia


Location: Wise, Virginia
Date: February 7th, 2016
Submitted by Mauressa

Witness report: okay i live wise virginia, in country manor and tonight i walked outside and it was about 2:16 and today is february 7th, 2016 and i was what i thought was a plane but it was just about the trees on lake street going towards glamorgan church and i began to watch and see for sure what it was but it had three lights shining and they were white blue an yellow and when i tried to take a picture of it, it looked like was coming towards my way and so i freaked out and came in the house and got my boy friend and he even saw what it looked like and after we came back in i went back out to see if it was still there and i saw another one but it was like a triangle but with three red lights and i knew there was something going on tonight and then i walked off my porched into the middle of the tralier park and i heard movement in the woods and it didnt sound like something light either and when i stopped what ever it was stopped too so i began to walk and saw something out the corner of my eye an i couldnt get a good look but it was not a human or animal figure, and i walked as fast as i could and when i looked back it wasnt there anymore and it looked grey but it was standing strange and i now it couldnt just walk or run away with out me hearing it and it was an open area so i would have seen where it went to and to be honest i believe it was a ufo in the sky and maybe a alien but im not for sure about the alien bc i dont know what they really look like but it was so skinny but the head was slightly big like an egg shape kinda.. but my name is mauressa addington and people might make fun of me for this but its a 100% true story of what i saw and heard tonight!!


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