Strange sighting report coming from Australia

Location: Nuriootpa, South Australia
Date: 22 January 2016
Submitted by Heather

Witness report: I got up at 3am this morning (22/1/2016) to go to the loo and there was a power outage and went outside to mums patio to cool down and I saw an unidentified light beam coming from the clouds over the house next door. The beam was full of charged light particles. Then the beam instantly moved over to the house behind that which is still next to mums house and the beam focused on that roof for a minute and then it instantly relocated itself to the roof of another house behind the original one. The beam of light stayed focused on the last house for at least 5 minutes and then I saw what looked like a white star shoot up inside the beam into the clouds and then a larger misshapen red object follow it in the same manner. Then the light beam shot very fast into the sky. If we hadn’t had a power shortage I would have had the lights on and probably wouldn’t have seen anything. But because I was sitting in the dark I could see everything. It truly blew my mind. It was a stormy night with lightening and rain and clouds.

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