Bright object seen over Chester, Texas

Location: Chester, Texas
Date: 2/25/2016
Submitted by Kathy

Witness report: it’s 10pm here and i swear to god, i have been watching something in the northern sky for the past 45 minutes. i had to call my husband to make sure i wasn’t seeing things. he got up and watched with me for about half hour. the light, at first, was far up and moving up and down and right to left. then it just looked like a small light. now, it’s closer to the ground and bigger. it’s still moving all over the place but it doesn’t seem to be coming any closer towards us. when i look out my door, it is over in the direction of lufkin, texas. and is very bright now. i’ve tried to take a picture and a video but my phone doesn’t have a very good camera. if you know what’s going on, please let us know!

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  1. For this reason it´s always necessary to carry a digital camera, perhaps you have an amazing sighting like this and can take pictures or film a video.

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