Possible UFO sighting over Vado, New Mexico

Location: Vado, New Mexico
Date: February 5th, 2016
Submitted by Julio

Witness report: On the late night of February 5th, 2016, my cousin, Javier Sanchez saw what seemed to be shadows lurking and hiding behind some trees in his pecan orchard. “I’m gonna get my gun!”, he yelled in case the intruders were human.
Although these intruders were no human, and they came in numbers totaling to four or five what according to Javier, were “coming in through the windows”. In the video, Javier states that he can’t see them but he knows they are present. He took many videos but this 48 second video is the most convincing one.I could only submit a photo but if you go to youtube and look up ” Aliens in my house after abduction, 2016 Feb 5″. You can catch a good glimpse of his head’s moving shadow at the corner of the wall at 38 seconds then we catch a clear image of a small alien at 48 at the bottom left corner. He also claims to have been abducted. He even has an audio tape that seems to prove so. More on that later.

Update: Just about a year ago from this date,my friend,Thomas Gallegos captured a quick snapshot of what seems to be multiple UFO’s hovering around The Big Red X monument in Juarez, Mexico from an El Paso freeway. You can see like the V shape lights obviously but if you look around the whole sky closer, you can see three-dimentional-almost-transparent saucers flying. In secret,could this monument be a landing/fueling port for UFO’s?


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