UFO sighting over Australia

Location: Edgewater Estate, Maribyrnong
Date: December the 20th approx 8.45 pm

Witness report: I often look at the sky from my apartment. It was during a phone call that I saw something flying in from the south west from Station Pier toward me. I expected to see a helicopter when it was closer but instead saw a dark coloured object with no lights or wings. It was (to the naked eye) flying at 3000 feet and perhaps triangular in shape. I often observe a variety of coming into land at both Essendon Airport & Melbourne Airport. This aircraft made no sound, had no lights and before flying overhead changed course and headed east and flew into the distance until it was out of sight. This the first time I’ve seen any aircraft take this route. A very strange event indeed. I’m wondering how I could make enquiries if anything unusual was detected on the radar systems at either airport ?? I was unable to obtain a photo because I was talking on my phone at the time.

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