UFO reported over Bridlington, UK

Location: Bridlington, UK
Date: 22/12/2015

Witness report: ufo sighting = 11.16pm uk time
i went for a cigarette in the back garden and noticed in the corner of my eye the brightest light source my eyes has ever witnessed and it shot through my visual field of view of the night sky in less then a second,nothing like a asteroid.
it left a trail of what seemed to be fuel for about 3 seconds then that dispersed along with the light source which had changed from a bright source to a singular dot. it is inexpiable i have witnessed many things in the night sky but this is without doubt the strangest thing i have ever noticed.
i found it so strange i had to search for ufo sightings which i have never done in my entire life. i haven’t got any pictures as it was late night lasted for about 3 seconds but it was truly memorable.

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