UFO recorded over United States


Location: Interstate 69 southbound close to Michigan /Ohio border 1145 pm
Date: 10/28/15

Witness report: Give me your honest opinion of these pics. I was driving on I69 southbound in Michigan the night before last. Mr and my buddy seen this light just hovering around. We decided to pull over to get pics of this thing. Its not the lights of a city dark below and above. It moved slowly. .. i couldnt get a good pic with my phones regular camera so i used some of the effect options like greyscale and stuff. … I wad just trying to brighten it up and wow…freaking one of the weirdest things i have ever seen…. We watched it for about 10 minutes it was on the west side of the highway. Then we decided to move on. We ended up taking some more pics from the truck as it got closer and bigger. Oh and it was at 1145 at night even got my trucks clock in one of the pics to show that. It wasnt a sunset. I dont want any reconition for these i didnt even believe in ufos or any of that stuff. Now im not so sure. I just would like a good rational explanation of what it was. Please and thank you. Oh also took a video not real good but you can see it move a little.here are a few of the pics the first one is regular then the others are a couple different effect lens on the phone grayscale cartoon ect. Was just trying to get more light.


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