UFO over Buenos Aires – January 2016


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 14th of January 2016
Submitted by Mihaly

Witness report: Around 22:45 a couple of days ago, I went outside to take some fresh air, and as I like to gaze the stars, I looked up. For my biggest surprise, I have seen something, that looked like nothing I have seen before. It was a mostly blue, redish spot on the sky, that was much larger than a star. It was moving, coming from Notheast, and at a 75 degree angle it stopped, and hovered in that position for about 2 minutes. I quickly grabbed my digital camera, and started recording it. I tried to zoom in to see if I can get a clearer picture of it, and astoundingly, I did. It was just like a dream, only that it was real. And it happened to me. In a circular arrangement I saw 6 lights. 2 red on the left, and 4 blue to the right. Also faintly 1 middle light could be seen blinking in pink. The lights appear as if they are spheres. Then it started to descend to the same direction where it came from. With zoom it was hard to follow it at this time. It disappeared beyond the rooftops. Not thinking about that it might come back, I rushed inside to download my footage and to tell others what happened. However, I was suspicious that it might be back, so I went outside, and there it was again. Seemed to follow the same pattern as earlier. But this time I arrived too late, and it was just about to disappear again, in the same direction where it came from, on Northeast. I have no way to tell the size of the aircraft, it might be much larger than the lights suggest. The distance I believe could not be too far, as it could be zoomed in on by a regular digital camera. I wish I had a better one on me, I could make a great quality footage, that no one have ever seen. It was still an unbelievable sighting.

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