Tetovo, Macedonia – 11-01-2016


Location: Tetovo, Macedonia
Date: 11-01-2016
Submitted by Armend K.

Witness report: 2 ball shapes lights, size 3 times bigger than the moon geathered some clouds under then despite the perfect clear sky all around it and kept blinking for over 2 hours on the night of January 11 2016. Their movement was faster than the speed of light, leaving a trail of light behind. Their paralel position turned angles only (examole from : position into ”). Since the moment those light balls showed up above the clouds (after their geathered the clouds) strong winds started taking place. At about 40 minutes later a commet like fire ball showed up from the south-west of the sky over Tetovo to the south-east of the sky over Tetovo. Since the commete the winds began to be stronger and stronger. I kept trying to take a picture or a video shot of the sight with my Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom that is equipt with a 10x digital zoom and a 16MPXL camera but all i got was a dark black frame with our voices on the videos. The same place after the sighting i took pictures of the sky and it looks perfect. That night, Tetovo was struck by very strong winds with speeds over 90km/h and did lost of demage in the city. I couldnt report this earlier because we had to aid people and my family from the wind demage. I repeat, the sky was PERFECTLY CLEAR expect the place where those light balls were showing up. The light was from above the clouds, like they were using clouds as cover.


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