Reader reported strange lights over Oregon

Location: Beaverton, OR – Between 1900 – 2000
Date: 1/23/16
Submitted by Nellie

Witness report: We saw a light that looked exactly like a star, but brighter. It was moving very fast across the sky to the West, and we thought it was a satellite but it was moving MUCH faster. It was heading S to N. There were no flashing lights to indicate an aircraft of some type. It did not get brighter or dimmer. It crossed the sky in about 5-10 seconds, then took a very sharp angle downward and looked like it was falling to earth or heading a different direction (downward). There was no tail to indicate it was a meteor. It was gone out of our vision after it was heading down towards the horizon. The whole thing took place in a matter of less than 10 seconds.

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