Reader reported a UFO over California back in 1986

Location: Sonoma, CA
Date: 1986
Submitted by Heather

Witness report:
I was 14 years, walking down my street at almost dusk, in Sonoma, California. I saw a light weaving low a couple of streets away. I kept watching this light moving VERY slow…it took about a half an hour to get to where I was. But when it did, I was very surprised. I saw, by the lamp post, up about 30 feet away from me….a meteor rock, with a red glowing light coming from the center shining through all the holes in the rock. On either side of this floating object were two alien metal spears, like dagger blades, there was no sound, and it was hovering above, not moving. I was in shock! How could this Thing be in the air, and floating with some intelligence as it stopped right by me..the only person on the street. I couldn’t understand how anyone could fit in it…it wasn’t big enough for a “Being” to be in there….The glowing red light must have been the intelligence, there’s no other explanation. After a few moments of “HOW?” I ran towards my house, and when I got there, I looked to see where the object was…IT FOLLOWED ME! Shocked again, I ran inside, “Mom, Dad, UFO!” They were reading books, and didn’t believe me. I ran outside, annoyed, and looked for it…IT WAS STILL THERE! I didn’t know what to do but gawk at it…then, like they all say…it zoomed really fast away towards the mountains and I was left there in awe. I have never heard of anyone seeing what I saw. I was not on drugs, or psychotic at the time.



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  1. This is absolutely NOT fake. I wholeheartedly believe her. Her story has never deviated and remains as vivid to her as the day that it happened. It’s one of the most original stories or incidents that I have ever come across. I have heard other stories from here in California of a sighting in which there are 3-5 lights in the sky, one of which would be a little reddish light that would seem to follow the main lights around and sort of “scout” the area in a way. I have suggested to her that perhaps this was one of those objects. A kind of drone if you will. Fascinating to be sure.

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