Flying saucer photographed over UK

Location: Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
Date: 20th of ‎January ‎2016
Submitted by John M

Witness report: I was out sky watching when I spotted an object that was quite some distance away. I managed to zoom in on the object with My Sony HX300 camera. My camera was at it’s maximum zoom of fifty times optical zoom plus one times digital zoom which mean this object is very far away from the camera. I could just about see it with the naked eye and when I looked through the camera’s viewfinder I could clearly see what appeared to be a large red object that was an unusual shape. The object was moving very erratically from side to side and up and down. I had trouble keeping the object in the cameras viewfinder. This camera has image stabilization but at fifty times optical zoom it’s almost impossible to get any erratic moving objects centered. lt’s a real shame that this object is at the edge of the photograph and not centered. I feel it Is still an interesting photograph that I have captured. Due to the erratic nature of this object I can rule it out has being a plane, helicopter or drone. What is it an alien craft or something else? I am seeing an increasing number of objects like these in the skies over Devon. These objects seem to be aware of me and seem to know when I am pointing my camera in their direction. it’s incredible but very strange. I only managed to take one photograph. The photograph was taken on the 20th of ‎January ‎2016 at Newton Abbot Devon UK. I have had numerous sighting of UFO and other strange phenomena please check out my website at



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