Couple spotted a UFO over Ireland

Location: Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Date: 12 Jan 2016 6.55 pm
Submitted by James P

Witness report: my wife and i were returning to our home after a walk with our dog. as we entered our back yard i saw a flash in the sky, like a car flashing its lights. as we were looking at the source of the light, a triangular craft went flying by at high speed. we both saw it clearly as the sky was free of cloud. it had a light on each point, and seemed kind of transparent, but cloudy between the lights. it was travelling north to south and seemed to veer off towards the south east before we lost sight of it over our neighbours roof. it was not the source of the flashing light which i presumed was a satellite of some kind that was travelling west to east. unfortunately i didnt get any pictures, and even if i had a camera, i wouldnt have had time to record it as it was moving so quick and was gone in a few seconds.

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