North Carolina Sighting

Hendersonville UFO

Location: Hendersonville, NC off crab creak rd. Close to Adkinson elementary scool
Date: Dec 28 2015 around 1130pm- Dec 29 around 2am

Witness report: We are having a bad rain storm and the power kept flickering so i wanted to unplug my tv just incase lightning hit but when i walked past the window i saw a bright blue flash and when i sat there and watched i freaked out because it was hovering and bouncing around but every few moments it was emmiting a really bright light that looked like heat lightning but from the ground up! I sat and watched it for over 2 hours with my wife untill one by one all the lights faded out. I took alot of photos and videos but only a few are worth showing!! Oh and as i tryed to take my 2nd video my phone froze and i had to reset it “never happed before”

Hendersonville UFO

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