2016 Oklahoma UFO sighting

Location: 1201 N. Crumley Guymon Oklahoma 73942
Date: 01/22/16
Submitted by James

Witness report: I walked out my front door to smoke I looked up seen a shadow , or actually seen absence of normal lite . then shadow moved to my rt then I seen lt. on my lft nrt with distance. pulled my glasses off thinking im catching glare from traffic then io knew what I was seeing was rtb above me then it starteted moving or mabe was moving anyway it was smoot6h no noice. I beet on side house for to see followed around corner house then seen im looknn at something to my lft and couple bvlocks t o my rt n low nho noise run back ton get my friend hoping to show them because I know its real n its serious .. as faqr as its something excitingTXBJ ive been teling 3 friends ande my wi9fe Hey did you know I seen a ufo they laugh at me like they should. they wanted tom come to the library to check there face book . so I said yall; laugh at me ill try googling ufo sightings Guymon O.K we argued about date I thoughy date don’t matter my wife said oh yea put in ufo sighting then hell yea you will get a hit I putt nnn 22 to 25 . what I read as far as an identical hit moved me!! I was never a non believer but w3hen I looked over at my wife after I s showed her a hit hit hit on the web.. previously .. she still went back F.B./ eye to eye

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