Brighton, UK UFO video – December 2015

Location: Brighton, UK
Date: December 2015

Witness report: Hi guys another sighting, filmed out my window i did some more summoning then this things appears in my garden tree about 20 ft away. . This is real and i NEED you to get this footage out there to the masses.. It also made noises like some kind of electric humming and after i shot this, it just flickered out in the tree to nothingness !

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  1. Me and my partner live along Brighton sea front we saw this object hovering about 1mile out from Brighton peir! Sunday 17th April 2016. My phone wouldn’t pick it up. It was changing multi colours. And in the distance were 2 glowing orange pulsating orb type objects for atleast 20+mins other people must of seen it. It was defiantly not a helicopter or plane!

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